– Grace Simons 
Photo of Rana helping unload our donations.

June is here and school will soon be out for the summer. The WUUC “Totes to Go” program is looking back on a very successful year! We provide food for 15 students at Maywood Elementary for weekends, when school meals are not available. Thanks to the many WUUCies who have donated to the program this year, and other years as well. Your generosity means that “our” kids don’t show up at school on Mondays hungry and less able to learn. 

This year, we have provided over 600 servings of milk, juice, fruit, snacks, 1-dish meals, cereal and granola bars. (That’s 600 of each item!)  We’ve also sent 300 sleeves of crackers, 150 cans of meat and fish, about 80 jars of peanut butter and 75 jars of mayonnaise. We’ve added in small treats for several holidays during the year. Wow! That’s a lot.

Totes to Go makes a big difference for kids and their families. Thank you for supporting it!