Summer is passing quickly and it’s time for us to gear up the Totes to Go program for the 23-24 school year!

Just to review, Totes to Go is a program that provides weekend food supplies for kids who are at risk of missing meals on the weekend, when school meals aren’t available.  We collect food items for a month of weekends and deliver them to Maywood Hills Elementary. The school identifies the students who need support.  We provide for fifteen students.

WUUC has generously supported Totes for many years. We collect food items in baskets located across from the church kitchen.  We ask for donations of twelve types of non-perishable food. Donations can be made at any time. I send out a message explaining the last minute needs.  Deliveries are made shortly before the first of the month.

This year, I’m promoting the idea of signing up for a regular monthly donation. For example, someone might agree to donate 30 granola bars each month.  Amazon offers multi-packs of several items that we collect and may be hard to find.  The price is often a bit better because you are buying more than a single item. You can even have them delivered on a monthly basis, which gives you a small discount.  Many of our donors get supplies at Costco, and grocery stores carry most items as well.  I would love to be able to plan on receiving a certain number of cans of tuna (or peaches, or ravioli…) each month. Then those of our donors who like variety in their contributions can fill in the rest.

Please let me know if you would like to make a particular donation each month. I can let you know which items are most helpful and be sure we don’t have overlapping orders.

Many thanks go to our donors, who have come through month after month.  Many are anonymous; others identify themselves.  Whoever you are, your contributions make a big difference!  Hungry kids can’t learn well.  We help prevent that.

Questions, comments and signups can be sent to Grace Simons or John Hartman, co-coordinators.