School is starting and the WUUC Totes program is ready to help students who are at risk of missing meals on weekends when school meals aren’t available. Our first delivery of the 2023-2024 school year is almost ready to go.

We’ve had a great response from members and friends who have signed up to be scheduled donors – providing a specific part of our list each month. About 70% of our needs will be covered by these folks. Thanks so much!!  In case you missed the invitation but would like to be a scheduled donor, let me know.  I’ll be happy to sign you up!

Maywood Hills Elementary in Bothell is the school we serve, and we provide food for 15 students. It’s a great program and WUUC has been involved for many years. Who knows how many kids we’ve helped? Many thanks to all of you who have supported “our” students! We know that hungry kids can’t learn well. We make a difference for them!

If you have questions or comments, contact Grace Simons or John Hartman, co-coordinators.