At WUUC we intend to promote and nurture a culture of respect and consent, providing a place where everyone can participate in a congregational life that is free from sexual harassment and misconduct. The WUUC Board appointed the Safer Congregation Task Force (SCTF) to study and implement Sexually Safer Best Practices. Creating Sexually Safer Congregations |  The SCTF began its work in January, 2023.  The SCTF selected two Best Practice priority areas to focus its attention:

  1.  WUUC Safer Congregation Rights and Responsibilities
  2. WUUC Safer Congregation Response Policy (to respond to a report that an adult has been the subject of sexual abuse or misconduct that creates a safety concern within the congregation). 

The Rights and Responsibilities is essentially a code of conduct that lays the foundation for affirming and nurturing a culture of consent, respect and accountability within our community. The Response Policy gives us the tools to respond promptly and appropriately in the event that the safety of our congregation is violated through an act of sexual misconduct.

We are happy to announce that both of these Best Practices documents have been approved by the Board and the SCTF will now focus its efforts on informing/educating the congregation.   The Board is responsible for appointing members of the Safer Congregation Response Team (SCRT) per the approved Response Policy.  Rev. Dan and Linda Sherry (Board Rep) are the current members, and three Members-at-Large will be appointed by the Board after appropriate vetting. 


WUUC Safer Congregation Rights and Responsibilities

WUUC Safer Congregation Response Policy

You have the right to report violations of your safety or the safety of others, and to have your concerns or allegations be promptly and thoroughly addressed. Reports can be made directly to the SCRT via e-mail ( or by contacting any member of the SCRT.   Additional resources for reporting allegations of misconduct are Board of Trustees members, the minister, or a Lay Pastoral Associate.   

Questions? Contact any of the SCTF Members: Leslie Morton and Liz Ligon (Co-Leads), Justin Gertler, Lori McConnell, Jan Radoslovich (Members at Large)