Greetings from the Board of Trustees!

Communication Creates Connection – submitted by Board Co-secretary Linda Sherry

One of the Board’s continuing goals for this year is to Enhance Board/Congregation Communication with this description:

We will work to have continuous engagement with Members and Friends in all matters of church life, and are committed to not only healthy transparency, but also to sincerely listening to concerns as they are raised and discerning responses in the best interests of the entire community.

The Board is dedicated to the health of the congregation and sincerely wants to hear what you think about how things are going. 

Some ways you can reach out to the Board:

  1. Email to
  2. Send email to any Board member:   President Jan Radoslovich, Vice President Jeff Lu, Co-secretary Jeff Anderson, Co-secretary Linda Sherry, Treasurer Kermit Sprang, Azure (Blue) Forte, Trina Roulet.
  • Submit an Online Feedback Form.  This form will be read only by a Board Secretary who will respond to you and direct your input to the appropriate person.  Please note that including your name makes it much easier to clarify and follow up, but it is not required.

Here is both a link (which I hope works through this newsletter) and the full URL to the form:  WUUC Feedback Form

  • Contact Rev. Dan Lillie at: , or through the church office.
  • Contact the church office at:, or call 425-788-6044
  • Talk to any Board member at church or a social function, and also remember that we are not on-duty at all times, so we may suggest another time to talk.

How the Board shares with the Congregation

  • The Board sends all congregational communication to the ANNOUNCE@wuuc  email list which is dedicated to official info affecting the whole church.  Board members send items that are pertinent to their role.  (Secretaries send board minutes, Treasurer sends financial updates, etc.)
  • Each month, there is usually a newsletter article about Board activities (like this one). The newsletter has a LOT of great info about what’s going on at WUUC – I/we highly recommend reading it regularly.
  • The weekly Order of Service at Sunday services includes announcements.
  • The weekly announcement email from the office (
  • Some Board members act as liaison between the Board and other working groups in the community, including the Ministry Council, Finance Committee, Worship Team etc.

And there are many ways to communicate with one another, including:

  • The topic specific email lists.  Most popular is, often called the discussion list or the community list.  There are many others for Music/Choir, Women’s Retreat, RE, Politics etc.  The office can supply you with a list of lists, and instructions to be added or removed from WUUC lists. 
  • Talking with one another at church or social functions, online, or even a phone call!
  • There is a church roster within the WUUC website’s Secure Site (see home page of website, scroll down to the bottom for Secure Site Login)  If you are a member of WUUC, you should have access to this members-only area of the website.
  • MISocial media – In the past WUUC has used Facebook and Discord in the past,  and I’ve asked MarCom (Marketing/Communications) team to let us know what’s active now.

So my friends, let’s get connected and stay connected.  This beloved community can only  function when we are exchanging our thoughts and views.  As the hymn says, “From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and by this we live.”