This year’s all virtual UUA General Assembly (GA) will be held June 20-23rd.  WUUC will have 3 members serve as delegates for discussion and voting during GA General Sessions. Delegates must register for GA to vote on business and agenda items. At the 2024 Virtual GA, delegates will cast votes on qualified amendments and whether to adopt the proposed new version of Article II of the UUA Bylaws. In February, look for an Announce e-mail message from the Board, asking for your interest in serving as a WUUC delegate to GA. Per the WUUC Bylaws, voting members have the exclusive right to elect or dismiss…delegates to General Assembly. Once the Board knows how many members are interested in being a delegate to GA, we’ll communicate the process for delegate selection. For more information on the 2024 Virtual GA, please click on this link: General Assembly: The Unitarian Universalist Association’s Annual Meeting |