WUUC Annual Budget Drive 

The theme for this year’s annual budget drive is “Let’s Chat.”  This is a lighthearted reference to the fact that it is through communication that we connect and build community and find hope, love, meaningful relationships, and support.  The mutual values, concerns and trust of our community sustain and bolster us. We build and maintain that community with our energy, time, and finances. This financial foundation supports us and enables our impact on the lives of our members and friends as well as a positive impact on the world beyond the church.

2024-2025 Budget Drive 

The annual budget drive is the time each year when we reflect on the importance of WUUC to ourselves, our families, and to our greater social mission. We believe it is essential that we have a vibrant Unitarian Universalist Church presence in our local community to provide an open-hearted and open-minded welcome to all who may seek us out.  A well-funded, fiscally sound church speaks of the commitment and dedication of its members to the Unitarian Universalist faith and its sustaining principles and beliefs. 

Make Your Pledge Today

You can make your pledge right here at https://forms.gle/XmwY92nRwE7s9WV1A

Drive Goals 

The goal for this year’s drive is $330,000.  Your generous financial support will help ensure that WUUC can:

  • Ensure fair compensation for our minister and staff in accord with UUA regional recommendations.
  • Account for increases in the cost of running our programs.
  • Be a good steward of our building and grounds. 
  • Attract and retain new members, including those with young families that are vital to the church.
  • Ensure WUUC financial stability into the future. 
  • Pursue our congregational mission to provide a spiritual home and liberal presence in the broader community.

How We Use the Budget

It takes significant financial resources to support the level of church facilities and staff required to sustain our community. Our budget funds all programs and services, a mortgage, utilities, and ongoing maintenance and upkeep so we have a safe and inviting space to work, play, and worship. Operating expenses fall into these categories: Services and Minister (35%), Religious Education (19%), Building and Grounds (11%), Administration (14%), and mortgage, insurance, committees, UUA dues, and other expenses (21%).

In addition to our full-time minister Dan Lillie, we employ the following staff:

Office Administrator: May Killorin
Choir Director: Matt Smith
Accompanist: Terry Levitt
Bookkeeper: Devrah Bennett
DRE Consultant: Margaret Rogers
RE Coordinator: Tracye Hirasawa  
Custodian: Manny Macias

The annual budget is gathered by the finance committee with input from staff, ministerial leads, and program committee chairs. It is then reviewed by the Board and voted on by the congregation. The annual budget drive goal is determined by the annual budget needs of WUUC. The Minister is responsible for managing the staff and the leads and chairs manage their program budgets.

Fair Sharing Giving

Giving is a personal decision based on many factors. As you determine your financial commitment, please consider giving 2-10% of your income as you are able and willing. Many of our pledging members and friends make annual fair share pledges. Nearly 40% of our members self-report that their commitment fits within the “fair share” guideline. If everyone did so we would have an abundance to carry us into the future.  We encourage you to review this table to determine which level of commitment is appropriate.  

View the UUA’s Fair Share Giving Guide.


 Q: How do I know how much I should pledge?

A: We believe that members want to contribute their fair share, but it is often hard to decide what that means in dollars and cents. We recommend you consider 2-10% of your income and offer this broad range because we know that 10% of your income when you’re struggling to make ends meet is much harder than 10% of your income when you have few or no financial difficulties.  

Q: What do others pledge?

A: The average annual pledge commitment for fiscal year 2023-2024 was $3,474, with a median pledge of about $2,000.

Q: Are the church’s needs greater or less this year?

A: We are rebounding from the pandemic and expanding our outreach to increase our membership. Additionally, we need to replenish our reserves to ensure a healthy financial future.

Q: What happens if we fall short of our annual goal?

A: We have to make difficult cuts and tradeoffs, including adjustments to expenses and programs.

Q: I’m already giving time and talent, isn’t that enough?

A: The funds needed to run a church are substantial.  Without the generous financial support of members and friends, WUUC could not continue to support the services and programs vital to our community.

Q: How much does this pledge drive matter?  How much of our annual budget comes from this drive?  How much do other sources contribute?

A: The drive makes up 90% of our operating expenses. Other fundraisers and unpledged support contribute, but a successful drive is essential to ensure a healthy financial future. 

Q: I already give on Sundays. Is that sufficient?

A: WUUC relies on a sustained monthly income to meet its recurring operating expenses and to cover unexpected events. We cannot make extended agreements such as staff contracts and mortgages without having a guaranteed income.

Thank you!

From your annual budget drive team:
Jo Raymond: Stewardship Chair and Treasurer

Kathy Fosnaugh: Kick-off Event Coordinator
Mary Alexander:  Communications, Art and Graphics
David Simons:  Brochure
Charlotte Benson:  Calling Steward Coordinator
Holly Beck: Volunteer, Script Program
Kermit Sprang: Board Treasurer
Marcia Sprang: Ministry Lead