Spring is here and we’re about ¾ of the way through the school year. Totes has been doing very well, filling our basic list and adding a few extras the school has requested. Serving 15 kids who are at risk of missing meals on weekends takes a large part of our community and we are grateful to everyone who has supported program. A couple of requests and a new way to support Totes: we need a new “sponsor” for the granola bars. We need some of the heavy-duty plastic grocery bags you may get when you forget to bring your re-usables. And if you hate shopping but would like to support Totes, you can now donate money – just mark your check to WUUC ‘Totes’ on the memo line or mark an envelope with cash.

Thanks so much for your support of Totes to Go. Questions and comments? Contact Grace Simons or John Hartman, co-coordinators.