WUUC has successfully completed the UUA recertification process required to renew our status as a Welcoming Congregation. This is a public declaration of our ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ welcome and inclusion in and beyond Woodinville.

Congratulations to our WUUC Welcoming Congregations team, Jean Fowler (fernhaven@comcast.net) and Jane Flood (matterofwills@gmail.com)! This took significant investment of thought and time over the past year to make it happen.

The Welcoming team:

·       Helps everyone feel like they belong

·       Extends a warm welcome to LGBTQ+ visitors

·       Models and promotes allyship

·       Bring’s LGBTQ+ people fully into our community

·       Dispels myths and stereotypes

·       Supports straight families of LGBTQ+ people

Learn more by joining the welcoming@wuuc.org email alias or contacting Jean or Jane.