We welcomed multiple new members to our church (listed below). The June & July 2024 newsletters will both feature bios from our new members so our community can read and welcome these wonderful people to our community at WUUC.

Welcome the new members:
Michael Ervick
Sonia Hoglander
Emily Kuo-Lillie and Natalie
Theresa and Dave Guenther
Jaimie Holt and Thea and Kai
Bonnie Kotzer

  • Theresa and Dave Guenther
    • Theresa has always had a deep interest in spirituality but struggled with a sense of belonging and common purpose in other church communities.  Of major interest to Theresa is what people DO materially to heal the world.  I am looking for partners for fun, fearless conversation and finding good trouble to get into.  She appreciates the quirky and tolerant folks at WUUC.
    • Dave has recently retired from a corporate job in tax, and currently focuses his time on bird watching, biking, hiking and reading. He grew up in Michigan, met Theresa in Philadelphia, then lived in Silicon Valley before moving to Woodinville 22 years ago to raise their three kids.  They currently live with two geriatric corgis, both very cute.  The increasing slowness of their daily walks is another source of learning for Dave.
  • Jaime Holt  and Thea and Kai
    • Jaime is originally from Vancouver, Canada. As a child of immigrants who left their home countries due to political unrest and war, she has long had an interest in understanding humanity. This led her to the field of anthropology and graduate studies in the United States. She moved on from ancient peoples to studying real live humans. Her background as a professor of anthropology has served her well as she has pursued a career in real estate. Jaime’s passions for research, education, and supporting others in achieving their goals are fundamental to her core philosophy as a real estate broker. Jaime and her children Thea (age 9) and Kai (age 8) live in Cottage Lake, Woodinville with their English Bulldog, Mumu. Thea loves art and singing and Kai loves baseball and animals. They both wrestle, enjoy writing stories and swimming at the lake all summer! They all like to consider themselves lifelong learners, and are excited to join this community where they have greatly enjoyed the intellectual, supportive, and accepting nature of this congregation!