November Pop-Up Blood Drive Results

November Pop-Up Blood Drive Results

For the November 13-15, 2023 blood drive, you had a total of 107 people check in to donate blood, and 93 units were successfully collected.  This also included 2 first time donors-we hope it was a great experience for everyone, and that all will continue to donate on a regular basis.  The giving continues, as we already have 72 donors booked for the January 22-24, 2024 blood drives!                                          

The blood that was collected at your event will go to local hospitals, impacting and saving lives of patients throughout the Pacific Northwest. This blood is critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.

We thank all of the donors for taking time out of their day to give their gift of blood, and we thank you for the extra time and support you put into coordinating the logistics, that made the blood drive possible.  On behalf of patients in our community’s hospitals, I wish to extend our thanks.  Bloodworks Northwest is the primary supplier for over 90 hospitals in the Pacific Northwest.  

We do this because, Someone’s Tomorrow Needs a Blood Donor Today!  Check out the Bloodworks Northwest Blog for patient stories and more.  

Those who donated at this blood drive will be eligible to give again in 56 Days!

WUUC Launches Ecological Connection (Eco Connect) Committee

WUUC Launches Ecological Connection (Eco Connect) Committee

John Hartman

The inaugural meeting of WUUC’s Eco Connect committee will be held on December 6 at 7PM in the

Eco Connect (Ecological Connection) Mission:  To protect the web of all existence and prevent climate
anxiety by mitigating the impacts of climate change through personal actions and changes in behavior,
political and policy advocacy, and increased education about and exposure to nature.
Committee Emphasis
1)      Members share information on and model personal actions that reduce their impact on
living things and the earth’s ecosystems that support them.
2)      Members share information on and advocate for political candidates and policies that
support climate change mitigation and protection of living things on earth.
3)      Members share information and participate in educational opportunities and direct
experiences of nature that increase their understanding of and empathy for the natural world
and reduce their climate anxiety.

What the Committee is NOT. We will not spend a lot of time focusing on the impacts of climate change
which can lead to depression and inaction. Our focus will be positive actions we can take as individuals
as well as technological and other advancements which are being implemented to mitigate the impacts
of climate change. We will focus on Hope and Education rather than Grief.

At the meeting on December 6 we will lay out options, discuss preferences and set a rough timeline for
meeting topics and committee actions for the coming year.

Please contact John Hartman ( if you plan to attend.

What’s that Wall Art? – Endowment

What’s that Wall Art? – Endowment

Kimbrough Legacy Circle: the WUUC Endowment Fund recognizes those who have given $10K+ either directly or as part of their estate plan. The fund is an investment in the long-term health of WUUC. An endowment can serve many significant purposes. It could be a source for short-term funding of an activity WUUC would not be able to fund otherwise, or a means to take advantage of unusual major opportunities for growth or service, or even as a source of financial backup in case of major emergency. Consider contributing as part of your end-of-year giving plan. Learn more at

Justice & Service Monthly Collection

In October our Special Collection sponsored by Advocates for Social Justice (ASJ) will go to support Oxfam’s work in the Middle East. Respect for the human rights of all people is at the crux of Oxfam’s mission and their basic common humanity. Following the horrific violence in communities in Israel and fighting in Gaza, Oxfam has called for the release of hostages and an end to the cycle of violence. “Israel has the right to defend its people from attacks and has the obligation to protect civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory under international humanitarian law,” says Oxfam America President Abby Maxman. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating after many days of bombing and the blocking of basic humanitarian assistance. Food, safe shelter, and medical care are already out of reach for hundreds of thousands of people. Support this work with a tax-deductible gift that will help fight inequality and save lives.

The ASJ Committee thanks WUUC members and friends for their generous support of our monthly special collections, which take place during services on the third Sunday of every month. Instructions for giving are posted during the service, and you can also donate anytime the following week at, or by sending a check to WUUC at P.O. Box 111, Woodinville, WA 98072. Please make checks out to WUUC and write “ASJ Special Collection” in the notes.

WUUC Board – October 2023

WUUC Board – October 2023

By Linda Sherry, Board Co-Secretary

October Greetings from the Board!
The board has spent the first two months of the church year bonding and developing our working relationships and assessing where WUUC is at and what will be next.  As a long-time member of WUUC, and a member of the board, I am personally very excited as WUUC continues to develop in depth and numbers as we work together in faithful community.

The focus of our September 20th meeting was to develop and commit to the Board’s goals for this church year.  Below is a link to the actual document, and here is a quick overview:

Many/most of these goals will not be fully achieved in the course of one year, and all will include development of teams and task forces to accomplish.


  1. Build a Safer Congregational Culture.  The board is continuing the recent work on a) sexual safety, b) conflict resolution and c)  working through potentially destructive behaviors, and will expand the focus to a wider variety of safety recommendations based UUA guidelines, from child safety in our programs to building safety procedures for emergencies.
  2. Enhance Board/Congregation Communication   We will work to have continuous engagement with members in all matters of church life, and are committed to not only transparency, but also to sincerely listening to concerns as they are raised and discerning responses in the best interests of the entire community.

NEW GOALS for 2023-2024

  1. Complete Rev. Dan’s Final Fellowship Process.  Rev Dan is in his third and final year of application Full Fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist Minister.  This requires a great deal of input from the Congregation in respect to many areas of church life and ministerial leadership. 
  2. Organize, Update and Refine Organizational infrastructure,  WUUC Policies, Procedures, Bylaws, Organizational Chart/Structure etc – are overdue for revision.  The board is dedicated to establish cohesive and Sunstainablemanagement and leadership practices into the future.
  3. Initiate a Visioning and Mission Development Process AS a congregation – This will help understand WUUC’s Identity and Purposes as we boldly move through the future.  This process will be designed with the entire congregation’s involvement, and will take quite some time. This will provide not only in guidance for our activites, programs, social involvement etc, but also enable us to iterate more clearly who we are and what we’re about.

In the spirit of our loving and meaningful community,

Linda Sherry, Board Co-Secretary

2023-2024 WUUC Board Goals  PDF

Join your WUUC friends for the 2024 Summer campout!

Join your WUUC friends for the 2024 Summer campout!

by Jack Brand
Summer may seem a long way off, but it’s time to make reservations for the 2024 WUUC annual campout!  The campout will be Thursday July 25 to Sunday July 28, at Deception Pass State Park.  Reservations open 9 months ahead, so on Thursday October 26 at 7AM we can reserve our preferred spots, which go very quickly.

The campout is the longest-running activity at WUUC.  It’s a great weekend getaway, for people and families of all stripes, and includes campfires, a potluck, games, hikes, music, swimming, beach walks, and of course lots of informal hang-out time with your WUUC campers, in one of the most beautiful state parks in Washington.

We especially welcome newcomers and first-time campers – it’s a great way to get to know our church community, and there’s lots of sharing and support for your camping experience.

For questions or more information, please contact Jack Brand at .  We will be coordinating reservations prior to October 26, via the “WUUC Camping” email list.  Contact Brad Hull at to join that list.

Hope you can join us!