Guidelines for WUUC Email Lists

Guidelines for use of the general WUUC email list

The general WUUC list ( is a great way for members and friends to connect with one another in the WUUC community. We ask that everyone follow appropriate use when sending messages to this list.

Examples of appropriate use:

  1. Asking for referrals and references for persons who have particular skills in the wider community (plumbers, dentists, roofers, etc.)
  2. Offering items and skills for free.
  3. Asking for free items (moving boxes, baby monitors, etc.)
  4. Offering items for sale.

Examples of inappropriate use:

  1. Soliciting work for a personal business is not in keeping with how we use the list.
  2. Soliciting for organizations or groups is not permitted. All of us have groups that we belong to or support with our time and money. Those are personal decisions that each one of us makes. If we all asked everyone at WUUC to contribute to our own projects and interests, we would be constantly soliciting one another which again, is not the purpose of the list or WUUC for that matter.
  3. Soliciting money for personal need. If you are experiencing a hardship, please contact Cares and Concerns.

If you are interested in sponsoring and publicizing a fundraiser, contact the Stewardship Committee.

Questions? Contact the WUUC Communications Committee. For more information, see the Communications Committee page on the secure site (requires login using your WUUC email account).

Tips for using the church email lists

Following are some tips for using the email lists at WUUC.

Following proper etiquette

It is important for you to bear in mind, when using email, that anything negative you say will echo much more loudly than you intend; so it is very wise to only say the nicest things in email. Save anything negative or even questionable for a face to face conversation, where the person you are talking to can see you are smiling and compassionate.

Sharing images and other files

While attachments are allowed on church email lists, some persons’ email accounts may not accept large attachments (or any attachments at all). You are encouraged to send attachments if that’s the best, most efficient way for you to get the information out. Please do note, however, that links are preferred over attachments by those who have slow internet connections or whose email accounts don’t accept attachments. For example, if you want to share pictures, you can upload them to an online service such as Picasa and then send the link rather than attaching the files.

Viewing Archived Messages

You can view archived messages for some church email lists by visiting the secure site’s Google Groups page (requires login using your WUUC email account). Click the link for the group (list) that you want. You can then toggle between view options for topic list and for topic summary.