Lay Pastoral Associates

What is a Lay Pastoral Associate (LPA)?

  • Lay Pastoral Associates at WUUC is a ministry that provides a confidential, short-term, caring, non- judgmental listening presence, spiritual support, and hope in times of need for members of the WUUC community.
  • The Lay Pastoral Care Associates have been recruited by, report directly to, and meet monthly with the minister for ongoing training.
  • A Lay Pastoral Associate can work with congregants to find professional support as needed.

Who might want Lay Pastoral Care?

Challenges come our way in life. Some are pretty manageable. Others leave us feeling alone and overwhelmed, or demand great contemplation.

Lay Pastoral Care is available to offer personal support to those who are grieving,  facing illness, marital or partner changes, unemployment, care-giving, isolation, or other difficult life situations.

How do I contact the Lay Pastoral Associates?

You can contact them by using the online WUUC directory: Jan Radoslovich, Robert Galloway, Marian Johnson, Jane Matthewson, Jean Fowler, Chuck Fowler. Or you can call the church office.

How is the LPA Different from Cares and Concerns?

Cares and Concerns checks in with those who have indicated that they will be undergoing surgery or other medical and life issues to see what support they can offer.

Cares and Concerns can provide on a time-limited basis:

  • meals
  • transportation to medical appointments
  • help with errands or chores for those who are ill or in crisis
  • help with child or animal care in times of need or crisis
  • help with shopping
  • visit congregants in the home upon return from a medical facility
  • refer congregants to professional support services

Cares and Concerns contact: Justin Gertler