PCC Scrip Cards

When you purchase a wallet-sized PCC Scrip card from WUUC for $10, it will come pre-loaded with $10, which you can spend at any PCC. Your card can then be recharged with any amount from $50 to $1,000, and WUUC will get 5% of what you put on it. Your card can be recharged over and over again, and each time it’s recharged, WUUC will benefit.

PCC Scrip cards can be used to pay for groceries and other merchandise at any register at any PCC, and they can be recharged at any register while you’re checking out. You can check your Scrip card balance at any register or online at pccnaturalmarkets.com/scrip or by scanning the back of your card with a mobile device.

PCC Scrip cards will periodically be available at church following the Sunday service. Or contact PCC Scrip program administrator Stephanie Martin at stephlmartin@outlook.com. Should you lose your card, contact the program administrator, who can arrange to have any unspent balance transferred to a new card.