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Expectations and Identities

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, As we enter this new year – our second year together and your second year of interim ministry – I find myself thinking and wondering a lot about expectations, identity, and change. This summer, as I prepared to spend a week camping with my mother, my sisters, and their children, I spent an […]

In the Interim

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, As we move into the fall I want to update you on a few developments and my summer schedule. My Summer Schedule Having time to relax, refresh, and recharge is important for our mental, emotional, and physical health. For me, my summer vacation will be a longer version of my weekly sabbath – […]

Inquiring About WUUC with Appreciation

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, How do you weave what has happened in your life into how you make sense of the world, who you are, and who you’re becoming? Meaning-making is one of the most basic and key spiritual tasks, as well as one of the fundamental reasons we engage in religions. As we near the end […]

Curiosity in Transitions – May 2019

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, This past month has been a big one in your transitions process! Your collaborative history odyssey came down in the sanctuary, seeds of things you value about this congregation and what it’s added to your life began to go up in the foyer, and you selected a ministerial search team. You’re deep within […]

Heritage and Wholeness – April 2019

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, How does your past influence who you are today and who you might become in the future? How does it affect what you love to do, who you connect with, and how you want to engage with the wider world? How do the high points, the low points, and the level points affect […]

History Odyssey Needs What You Love About WUUC

by Rev. Diana L. Smith

Dear Ones, February was certainly an interesting month for all of us! Our monthly theme for February was Trust, which feels right as I reflect on the patterns of life at Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church. Our interim work together slowed down in February as Snow-pocalypse descended upon us. It disrupted the expected patterns of our […]