By Terry Santmann
Board Secretary
At the Jan. 8  meeting, DD Hilke attended to collect suggestions from the Board regarding nominations for the three slots opening on the board in the next year as well as for slots open on the nominating committee itself and the endowment committee.

The Board reviewed the previously stated goals for the year (from August 2019 minutes) and tweaked goals for the coming months. The Board plans deep dives on the following topics in the coming year:

  1. membership activities,
  2. policy development,
  3. community conversation,
  4. intergenerational services,
  5. small group development and support,
  6. governance suggestions regarding decision-making in declared emergencies,
  7. disruptive behavior policy in relationship with developing a right relations committee, and
  8. community
  9. gradual review of each area of ministry in the Renewal of Fellowship process, in sequence, between now and May

Enough individuals have signed up to complete an application for a Chalice Lighters grant. Donors have made money available to purchase the necessary internet upgrade. John will contact Comcast to proceed immediately. WUUC will apply for a grant from Chalice Lighters for further technology and accessibility upgrades.

The board will develop a formal process for reviewing the insurance coverage with the expectation that a board member, representatives from the finance and BAG committees, and the minister will participate in the review.  John, Rev. Diana, Jim, and Terry will form a task force to update the Governance Manual Part I Policies.

At the Jan. 22 meeting, the Board reviewed WUUC projected expenses for FY 2020-21 and authorized presentation of the same to the congregation at the upcoming Town Hall meeting. 

The Board approved the renegotiation of WUUC’s mortgage to a 15-year maturity with a 15-year amortization, rate to be fixed at 4.7% for 15 years and closing costs to be rolled into the new loan amount.

Rev. Diana is authorized to proceed with hiring a choir director.

The Board is working on the development of a policy for WUUC Governance in Declared Emergencies.  

You can find minutes from the Board’s Dec. 10 meeting here:

Minutes from the Jan. 8 meeting are available here:

Minutes from the Jan. 22 meetng are available here: