There are a few more spots open for the Building Your Own Theology (BYOT) class starting on a new day and time — Tuesday, March 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the WUUC Library.  Read below for more information or let Lauren Soliday or Chuck Bean know of any questions you may have. 

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Greetings fellow seekers of truth.  BYOT is an older UU curriculum, but still very relevant to our lives.  The class will provide material and exercises to stimulate introspection and discussion on your beliefs and worldview.  Your participation will either strengthen what you believe or challenge you to stretch your views.  Sound interesting?  Please consider joining us this spring for exploring and getting to know yourself and each other better.  All are welcome; invite a friend, if you’ve taken it before, but want a “tune-up,” new to WUUC, or long-standing members.

Building Your Own Theology
8 Tuesdays, March 3 – April 21, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
WUUC Library

As Unitarian-Universalists, we are all theologians. Our church, as a spiritual community, encourages each of us become more fully aware of own personal credo (Latin for “I believe.”) This 8-week UUA curriculum will help you examine your values and beliefs about God or ultimate reality, ethics, and the meaning and purpose of life. You’ll search for what is true in your life. Through a combination of reflection, group discussion, study, and writing, you’ll examine your own spiritual history and articulate your own credo. How does your life experience inform your faith?

Please note – this is not a “drop-in” class. It’s important to attend all eight sessions, since they build on one another. 

Facilitators: Chuck Bean ( & Lauren Soliday (

Please let us know your interest ASAP.  Write or call with questions or just SIGN UP HERE!  Thanks!

Session 1 – “Doing Theology – Getting Started” – to think about/ depict our own “ultimate reality” at various points in our lives, create spiritual autobiography

Session 2 – “Your Religious Odyssey – Autobiography with a Spiritual Twist” – share our spiritual journey & write our own epitaphs (ie: inscription on tombstone)

Session 3 – “Ultimate Reality – Creating an Honest God” – consider the nature of Ultimate Reality by whatever name we call it and survey our personal beliefs and attitudes about God and prayer.

Session 4 – “Ethics as Unenforceable Obligations” – create a list of our own ethical Ten Commandments

Session 5 – “We are the Meaning Makers” – explore the sources of meaning for religious liberals

Session 6 – “Suffering and Meaning” – consider human suffering, learn how different religions have understood it

Session 7  – “Death and Immortality” – explore beliefs about death and immortality in various religious/cultural traditions, explore our personal feelings

Session 8 – “Wrapping It Up – A Credo”