By Donna Johnson
The new heroes of our sudden move to online Zoom services at WUUC  are a dedicated group we lovingly call ZoomKeepers (thanks to Karen MacKenzie for this word), who serve as Zoom tech hosts each week, and ZoomMates (thanks to Jane Flood for this word) who serve as back up Zoom hosts each week.

Our current ZoomKeepers are Lanny Commeree, Jane Flood, Sarah Niwa, and David Goss-Grubbs. Winny Schnitzler, Karen MacKenzie and Ava Priest are ZoomKeepers in training.  We are very grateful. 

This intrepid group has figured out ways to make our services smoother each week as, behind the scenes, they follow a detailed script and switch rapidly between slides, music, and speakers. The group attends trainings and weekly practices and shares new ways to make Zoom work better for WUUC.

We have developed a ZoomKeeper training manual (huge thanks to Lanny!!).  Please let me know if you too would like to be a ZoomKeeper/ ZoomMate.

Donna Johnson, Worship Team Lead