Compiled by Donna Johnson
We asked the congregation to tell us what they like and appreciate about online services.  Turns out, there’s a lot to like. Here’s what you said:

Come Together, Right Now

  • I appreciate having services at all during this time of social isolation.  It’s good to feel the connection to a larger community.
  • It has reminded us all how much meeting together on Sunday means to us — “You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”
  • I’ve enjoyed seeing a glimpse of people’s homes and how they/we play with Zoom backgrounds.

Transformative Experiences

  • I can close my eyes and focus on the words, meaning, and emotion of what’s being said without feeling self-conscious or being a distraction. 
  • Amazingly, we still tear up, or have chills during a great opening, sermon or song.
  • I find that it is easier to focus during meditation without thinking about what’s going on in the sanctuary like I tend to do when we are in the church building.
  • Evocative pictures add so much!!!!
  • It is giving us new ideas about what church means and what we can do during services.

Go Team

  • “ZoomKeeper” is so wonderfully reminiscent of zookeeper, and so appropriate for us WUUCies.  Makes me smile every time. Like an inside joke.
  • Such a great team effort!!
  • The services are very smooth and professional — you’re all doing a great job!
  • I love that different people are coming together to create each service.  The team is larger and richer.

Easy Like Sunday Morning:

  • As a self-admitted “Not a Morning Person” I love having the extra time on Sunday morning.  A little more sleep, a slower pace: What’s not to like?
  • Mini-commute…. Usually takes about 30 seconds, unless there is a cat occupying the hallway.
  • Come as I am!
  • Okay to step away from my Tai Chi, Qigong, or treadmill desk and show up for church 30 seconds later all warm and centered and sweaty without a shower.
  • I can still sit next to and hold hands with my husband.
  • No flipping through the hymnal to find the hymns.  All is projected!
  • Honestly, it’s that I can clean the kitchen while I attend church, because yes, that’s my routine most weeks.


  • I can drink (and refill) my coffee all during the service.
  • Coffee or breakfast at the same time? Works.
  • The church is saving a lot of money on coffee.

Break out rooms

  • The Breakout Rooms for coffee hour have ‘let’ me talk with folks I haven’t formerly spent much time with, along with catching up with friends.
  • Coffee hour with random folks means meeting new folks. And it’s somehow always a croissant experience instead of a donut. And I always stay longer than I intended, ’cause it is something I find more important than I thought it would be.


  • I am enjoying the music. I hadn’t heard Matt sing, so I love hearing just how good his singing is. I always love Terry’s playing, but it seems even better now.
  • If we don’t know the hymns well as a congregation we can still enjoy them without being embarrassed about our challenges singing them.
  • Watching the choir sing “Come, Come, Whoever You Are” together, but each in their own homes was amazing!
  • The only issue I have, Lulz, is listening to my own voice during the hymns.             

Expanded Attendance

  • Attendance is up!!!
  • It has allowed us to maintain/regain contact with church members who have moved away, are on extended vacation, or find it difficult to come to services in person.
  • Much easier for visitors to see what the church is about without committing to a visit.
  • I love the online services, especially since I’m out of state. I feel like I’m right there with all the other WUUCies.
  • People from all over the country can join us.  My brother has been joining from out of state.

It’s Environmentally Sound

  • The parking lot is returning to a meadow.
  • We are reducing our carbon footprint.


  • It has allowed us to call a wonderful minister without the congregation ever seeing him or his family in person. Indeed, the way it was conducted probably allowed more of our congregation to meet with him, individually or in small groups, than if he had come here personally for the traditional week visit.