By John Hilke
Our collective Covid-19 experiences raise quite a few questions about several aspects of our lives.  Some of our past Notes 4 Earth have highlighted the impact on our future carbon footprint associated with potential increases in online work relative to office work, changes in what we buy and where we buy from, and changes in how we spend our time.

This month, I raise some questions about post-Covid-19 life at WUUC and the potential impacts on WUUC’s carbon footprint.

Worship:  Although it may be some months from now, we will likely be returning to in-person worship at some point in the future. Might we want to continue with online worship opportunities too? For some, online worship may be the only way to attend WUUC worship due to illness, travel, mobility issues, or moving to another area. I’ve noted that attendance at worship is higher on average than it was at most in-person worship services before March, remembering that many people participate in our worship with a significant other or with young folks. Does this reflect the convenience factor of attending worship remotely? Would providing alternatives to in-person worship change how often you would attend in person?

Coffee Hour: More than a few have noted that coffee hour seems more likely to be meaningful and less likely to fall into “taking care of church business.” Some important connections seem to be in the making and sometimes in-depth conversations emerge. We miss the hugs.

Committee and Small Group Meetings: Some have noted that there are plus factors and minus factors about online committee and small-group meetings. Weather and night risks associated with driving are largely eliminated with online meetings. We miss the hugs, but sometimes we have an easier time taking turns and being reflective. Do we want to continue online alternatives to in-person meetings?

Food for thought, perhaps?

Take care and be as safe as possible under the circumstances.

John Hilke