By John Hartman
When WUUC’s Climate Justice team started WUUC’s get out the vote initiative in conjunction with Vote Forward, they set a goal of writing 1,000 letters.  We’re now five months into the initiative and our letter writers have committed to writing 4,200 letters (!) – with about two and a half months left in the campaign. 

All of our letters are going to registered voters in Texas who have been infrequent voters in past elections.  Each of our letter writers insert a personal message in the letter template with their reason for voting in every election. 

We currently have 42 people writing letters in the Vote Forward campaign.  Here are pictures of some of our dedicated volunteers with the letters they’ve written.

Winny Schnitzler (50)

If you’d like to join WUUC’s Vote Forward Get Out the Vote campaign contact John Hartman at