By John Hartman
On Oct. 16, WUUC celebrated the completion of the Vote Forward, Get Out the Vote letter-writing initiative. 

Over the last 7½ months, 42 WUUC letter writers wrote a total of 5,405 letters. The letters are targeted to registered voters in Texas and Nevada who are infrequent voters. The letters were mailed on Oct. 16, with hopes that they reach the hearts of these voters and they help to make a difference in voter turnout this year.

We had a brief, socially distanced, gathering outside WUUC to celebrate the success of the project and award prizes to the top letter writers.

 The top three letter writers received Ruth Bader Ginsburg bobblehead dolls:

Lou Anne Maxwell – who wrote 500 letters.

Jane Mathewson – who wrote 420 letters.

Jan Anderson – who wrote 400 letters.

Everyone who wrote at least 200 letters received a “Let People Vote” pin:

Janice Anthony – who wrote 370 letters

Marilyn Schmitt – who wrote 350 letters

Hilarie Cash – who wrote 320 letters

Grace Simons – who wrote 220 letters

Stephana Ditzler – who wrote 200 letters

John Hilke – who wrote 200 letters.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this project.  I am so grateful this resonated with so many people in WUUC.