By Donna Johnson
Worship Team Chair
We have changed the title of the WUUC Worship Associates to Worship Leaders. This reflects the responsibilities of this dedicated group of WUUC lay members you see beside our minister (well, virtually beside) each week. 

In addition to assisting with worship services, Worship Leaders collaborate with the ordained minister and others in planning, preparing, and evaluating worship services.  In these activities, Worship Leaders are like members of a small band who not only play an instrument, but also help set the tone and hold the energy when the band is performing as well as plan strategically for the future.

Each week, our Worship Leaders help bring many people together in the common task of creating meaningful worship.  Our Worship Leaders exhibit leadership qualities such as a strong sense of the purpose of each worship service, the ability to communicate with the team, and a “Servant Leader” focus on the well-being of the WUUC community.