David Blomberg

The theme for our annual budget drive kicking off this month is Community starts in the kitchen. As we come together in our homes to nourish ourselves and our loved ones, we build our connections and feed our spirits.  Our co-chairs for our first online pledge drive are David Blomberg and Stephanie Young.

David has been a part of WUUC since 2003. In his own words “…my wife Dawn wanted a spiritual place for our entire family, and WUUC is our perfect home. We love the community and cherish the friends we’ve made over the years. I am in awe of the work and commitment that the congregation makes in social justice issues and cannot wait until we can meet again for in-person services. I’ve been involved in a few committees over the years, but I have primarily donated my time to the Religious Education program with older kids. The youth of the church are as varied, talented, exceptional, and interesting as their parents, and they never cease to make me smile.”

Stephanie has been attending WUUC for just over 4 years.  What has drawn her and kept her is the commitment to an “open hearted, open minded” community.  Her first women’s retreat solidified it.  Since then, she’s found that she is drawn to many of our classes, like OWL and Pondering, allowing for the opportunity to share and discover what’s inside herself and others.  She volunteers in the kitchen, often reflecting on what her idea was growing up of “the little old kitchen ladies.”