For many years, WUUC has participated in the Totes To Go program. What is that? It’s a system through which schools in our general area identify students who are at risk of missing meals over weekends, when school breakfast and lunch programs aren’t available. We provide a variety of food items that are placed in a backpack for each of those students to take home with them each Friday. They are mostly single serving items as the living situations of the students may be unstable. 

The WUUC  program started up again with the new school year. We packed bags for each student after the Sept. 1 service and our first delivery was made on Sept. 5.  Deadline for collection of October supplies is Oct. 2. Here’s the link to what we need: inventory 

This year we are supporting 15 students in two Bothell schools. We’ve had a strong response from our congregation and are so grateful for your participation!  Those 15 students send a big ‘Thank You!’

Please remember the ‘Totes’ program when you get your groceries. Everything goes more smoothly when we don’t need last minute calls for still-needed items.  We are making a difference!