by Danielle Beresford

My name is Dani and I am the owner of Woodinville Country Day School! We have been a part time preschool down the street for 8 years and we are absolutely thrilled to be making WUUC our new home! We have recently begun our upgrades to get the campus “preschool” ready. We began by breaking ground on the playground. We have redesigned a safe area for kids to play. The play structure is almost finished and includes 2 slides. A clatter bridge, a rope ladder, a climbing wall and more! The bottom will have a sandbox and picnic table. We also purchased a new teeter totter airplane which was a huge hit at the old campus. Both portables and the nursery are being tested

To new carpet (which of course got delayed but will be here mid July) and fresh paint. We are building 2 sheds to house our books, curriculum, and extra manipulative. We also plan to sand and paint the railings and walkways in front of the portables after the fence is installed. We are a play-based preschool, meaning the kids learn through play. Our goal is to foster a LOVE of learning! We have an incredible staff who have fallen in love with the campus and are anxiously working to set the rooms up. 

Our goal is to build a community with WCDS and WUUC. We will be using the space for AM and PM half day classes during the week.  The church will have open access to all rooms in the evenings and on the weekends. We have an incredible community that is very excited about this new chapter. We hope that you get the chance to pop by and say hello in the future and if you have any questions please reach out to Dani (