As a congregation, we strive to build and maintain a safety culture to keep children, youth and adults safe from sexual abuse, harassment or misconduct while participating in congregational life.   In response to the feedback and concerns expressed by congregational members during the September Town Hall and Zoom meetings as well as individual conversations with Board members and our Minister, the Board is forming a “Safer Congregation” Task Force to study and implement Safer Congregation best practices.

The Task Force will include Board Members Leslie Morton and Jan Radoslovich, R&R Team Member Lori McConnell and at-large member Justin Gertler.  The Task Force will work on a comprehensive Safety Policy that addresses sexual abuse, harassment, misconduct, and disruptive behaviors.  The Board welcomes your suggestions and comments on this policy and other aspects of the Task Force work.  Future communication will provide venues for this feedback.   If you are interested in working with this Task Force, please contact Leslie Morton, Board President.