What do you actually do at Board meetings?  That’s a question I’ve heard more than once, so I thought it might be helpful to write a short note each month to let you know what we are up to.  First, a reminder of who is on the Board this year:  myself (President), Jan Radoslovich (Vice-President and lead on the Ministry Council), Terry Santmann (Secretary), Kermit Sprang (Treasurer), Linda Sherry and Jeff Lu (Members at Large) and of course Rev Dan.  We meet 1-2x/month.

  This year started with an all day Board retreat where the focus was on setting some goals for the year.  We came up with three goals:  Healthier Congregational Communication and Interactions,  Building a Safer Congregational Culture and Matching the needs of the church with volunteer availability (or, Rightsizing the Church).  For the Healthier Congregational Communication/Interaction goal, Rev Dan has organized the Braver Angels workshop and the Monica Guzman discussion and the Board has restarted Community Conversations with more work to come.  For the Building a Safer Congregational Culture goal, we have created a “Safer Congregation” task force comprised of two Board members (myself and Jan Radoslovich), R&R member Lori McConnell and at large member Justin Gertler along with Liz Ligon and Marlene Katz.  Our goal on this task force is to create clear, well publicized policies and procedures along with education to prevent sexual abuse, sexual harassment and professional sexual misconduct at WUUC.  The other goal for this group is to create a comprehensive Safer Congregation policy that addresses sexual abuse, harassment, misconduct and disruptive behaviors.  So far, we have had our hand full with these goals and have not made progress on the third goal, but it is certainly not forgotten.

Please let any of us know if you have questions/concerns; we are here for all of you.

Thank you,

Leslie Morton