Dear WUUC Blood Drive Team:

Thank you so very much for hosting your July blood drive.  We are thankful to you for opening your doors and sharing your space with those who want to save lives in the Woodinville community.  Once again folks came in to roll up their sleeves and donate blood, in a BIG way.  Below are the results of our collaboration, and we look forward to working together with you again.   

Thank You for Your Support! You are always appreciated.

Blood Drive Results for: Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church  

For the July 10-12, 2023 blood drive, you had a total of 120 people check in to donate blood, and 105 units were successfully collected. We welcomed 6 first-time-donors to Bloodworks Northwest –  we hope it was a positive experience, and that they will consider giving again. And, we already have a jump on the booked donors for your September 11-13 drives, with 57 of 139 appointments filled so far!               

The blood that was collected at your event will go to local hospitals, impacting and saving lives of patients throughout the Pacific Northwest. This blood is critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.

We thank all of the donors for taking time out of their day to give their gift of blood, and we thank you for the extra time and support you put into coordinating the logistics, that made the blood drive possible.  On behalf of patients in our community’s hospitals, I wish to extend our thanks. Bloodworks Northwest is the primary supplier for over 90 hospitals in the Pacific Northwest.

We do this because, Someone’s Tomorrow Needs a Blood Donor Today! Check out the Bloodworks Northwest Blog for patient stories and more.  

Those who donated at this blood drive will be eligible to give again in 56 Days!