As the WUUC church fiscal year started on July 1st, so does the transition to the new Board of Trustees which you elected at the June Congregational Meeting.  The Board is the legal fiduciary of WUUC and serves the congregation through its oversight and management of the church according to the Bylaws, policies, mission/vision of the church and subject to congregational polity and state laws and regulations.  This year’s seven member Board includes:  Jan Radoslovich, President;  Jeff Lu, Vice President;  Jeff Anderson and Linda Sherry, Co-Secretaries;  Kermit Sprang, Treasurer; Azure Forte and Trina Roulet, Members-at-Large.   Rev. Dan Lillie is also an ex-officio member of the Board and participates in Board meetings and decision-making discussions, but per the WUUC Bylaws, does not vote.

We would like to express our gratitude to outgoing Board members who have completed their terms:  Leslie Morton, President and Terry Santmann, Secretary.   Their tremendous commitment to the work of the Board and well-being of the congregation shone through all their contributions during their terms on the Board.  The Board is in the process of planning for its annual retreat at the Sharingwood Common House on 8/25 evening and 8/26 all-day.  This retreat will give us an opportunity to coalesce as a team, refresh leadership skills, share insights about the current church strengths, issues and priorities, and identify goals for the coming year.  We welcome any input you would like to share with the Board as we prepare for the retreat.   E-mail:  We are looking forward to the coming year of service as your WUUC Board leadership.