Pssst!!   Hey!!   WUUC!!
C’mere.  I got something to tell ya. 

March is our annual fundraising pledge drive. That’s when members and friends pledge monthly donations to the Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church. We rely on those donations to run WUUC.   
So periodically we have to ask for it. Money that is. We need money. 
March is Pledge Drive Month.  So we know what that means! Our goal this year is 330,000 so we gotta get crackin. More information and the pledge form can be found at wuuc/org/letschat.

I know, we don’t like asking for money either but we gotta keep the lights on and pay the piano player.

There’s a link below when you’re ready. 

And watch that telephone booth in the foyer, the faster that phone booth fills up with people, the sooner the campaign will end.   
(I heard a rumor you can pick your own person to stick on the booth after you pledge. I don’t know about that. Maybe someone on Sunday will know?).

By the end of this seemingly endless three weeks of campaigning, we will be remembering why we felt welcomed here. Why we keep coming back. Why we love the people and programs at WUUC.

And we’ll all up our pledges 10%

Get ready, because here we come! 

-The WUUC Stewardship Committee-