April 2017 WUUC Newsletter


April 2017 WUUC Newsletter


By Reverend Lois E. Van Leer

Transformation can come with suddenness and fire and it can come gently and gradually. It can work on you long after the watershed moment: that time which delineates who we were prior to an event from what we have become after an event. We are changed, expanded, fuller in who we are and our living. A year ago February, the …

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Let's Resist the Pace of Mainstream Culture

By Reverend Lois E. Van Leer

This sabbatical took me from Auschwitz in Poland to the rock and sands of Death Valley. From a Buddhist monastery in Trout Lake, Washington to the stunning and empty beaches of Molokai. Then to the desert lands of New Mexico that Georgia O’Keefe inhabited. It has been a gift. I come back entering the month of April and its theme …

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Transformation: Where to Find Spiritual Tools

By Reverend Jamil Scott

Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting. – Judith Minty

I believe as we age we gain a better understanding of life’s purpose and meaning. For me, life’s meaning is far too nebulous to awkwardly attempt to put into words. In our 4th UU Principle, we covenant as …

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It's Time for the WUUC Rummage Sale!

April 7 & 8, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Donation day and set up party: Sunday, April 2, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

After the April 2 service, drop off and unpack your donations, help empty out the sanctuary, set up tables (extras needed) and organize items for the sale. Pizzas on us! Monday, April 3 through Thursday, April 6:  …

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WUUC Women’s Retreat 2017 FAQ

By Alaine Davis

What:  The Annual WUUC Women’s Retreat

When: May 5-7, 2017 (Friday to Sunday)

Where:  Mountain Springs Lodge, Plain WA (Leavenworth area; about a 2-hour drive)  http://www.mtsprings.com/cabins.htm

Who Should Come: Anyone who identifies as a woman and is at least 18 years old is welcome. This is an especially wonderful opportunity for women who are newer to WUUC …

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The next collection of Totes to Go foodstuffs will occur Sunday, April 2. Sara So will deliver the food to the students we are supporting at Maywood Elementary School on April 7. The link for our Totes to Go program is below. Thanks to those who already signed up or contributed – all non-perishable food items are welcome if you want to shop off list or just see a good deal somewhere.


Join in Spirit Play

An exciting new opportunity: Spirit Play, a Montessori-based curriculum for our Nursery and Preschool will come to WUUC soon.

Spirit Play training will be held on June 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with guest Joy Silver from British Columbia. If you are a current or interested teacher, woodworker, crafter or parent/church leader, you are welcome to join the training. The successful launch of this curriculum will take a community effort. Come join us if you are interested in having fun “kid-style” for a day. Please visit the RE table to complete your training application. Deadline May 1.

tai chi clipart - d2

By D.D. Hilke

Tai Chi in the Sanctuary
Monday evenings (7:30 – 8:30)
Wednesday mornings (8:00 to 9:00)
Newcomers are welcome.

We are currently learning Section 1 of the Yang Family Long Form. No experience or special skills necessary. There is no charge.  Come to one session or both or switch between the two. More: We are learning and practicing the first section …

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Join Us at Seabeck

By Ron Hammond

WUUC has been invited to share a weekend, May 5, 6, and 7, on the lovely 90-acre campus of Seabeck Conference Center with 200 or so UUs from Shoreline, Westside (Seattle), Tahoma (Tacoma), Saltwater (Des Moines), Evergreen (Marysville), and Olympia.

Yes, this is the weekend of the WUUC Women’s Retreat but this event is open to singles, dad staying home …

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Total Money

By Alaine Davis

We all have our guilty pleasures.  No one wants to talk about it.  We sneak around. We come up with ways to avoid discussing it while still doing what we want. We make promises, and then break them.  Join us on Friday, June 16 at 7 p.m. at WUUC for a discussion of the Nonfiction Book selection: The Total Money …

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Upcoming Events

If you are planning an event, please send the details including title, short and long description, date/time/location, contact information, and (optionally) a royalty-free image to office@wuuc.com.

Trivia Challenge Night [s]

Is your head filled with facts, data, and other bits of information that most people would consider useless? Do you know the state birds for all 50 states? Have you committed the character and actor names of the cast of Gilligan’s Island to memory? If you can answer “yes” to questions like these, your time will come on Saturday, April …

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ASJ Screening: Promised Land [p2]

“Promised Land” is a social justice documentary on the Duwamish and Chinook tribes, their fight for restoration, and what the federal recognition process says about indigenous sovereignty today. This event is sponsored by Advocates for Social Justice.

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BAG Earth Day Clean-up [ws]

Join Buildings and Grounds committee (BAG) and the Navigators in helping with Spring clean-up of the grounds at WUUC.  Right after church service Sunday, April 9, we’ll be pruning, raking, mowing, picking up, pothole filling and generally doing yard work on our 5 acres of yard.  This is one time a year that BAG asks for help.  We’ll take a head count of workers and provide lunch 12:30ish.

Circle Supper [s,k]

Sign up for the April Circle Supper Fiesta. The April Circle Supper will be a Spanish-theme fiesta to celebrate Barbara Ramey’s 50th birthday at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 15 in the sanctuary. Danny Cohen will cater the main dishes and has developed Spanish recipes for the pot luck. All ages are welcome, and there are spots for 10 families from WUUC.

Sign up at: http://bit.ly/2fK304v

Please no gifts. Donations to Hopelink are encouraged.

Questions? Contact Barbara at bramey1@comcast.net

Men's Breakfast [os]

We will resume meeting every fourth Saturday at the Duvall Grill & Tap Room, 15602 Main St NE, Duvall, for breakfast and conversation.

Get a look at the WUUC 2017-18 budget and other items of business.

Golden Girls [os]

Golden Girls cordially invites you to join them for lunch on the last Thursday of each month. On Thursday, April 27 at 11:30 a.m. all women are invited to join the Golden Girls at Izumi, 12539 116th Ave NE, Kirkland for delicious Japanese food and conversation. Watch for the reminder closer to the date. Questions?  E-mail Stephana at ditzlers@gmail.com.

For a complete list of the groups that meet regularly at WUUC (Buddhists, NAMI, etc.) as well as classes, committee meetings, and circle supers view the calendar on our web site.

Upcoming Services

“Waking Up to Privilege” – WUUC Members

– WUUC Members

Reflections about personal experiences in “waking up” to all forms of privilege. Leslie Schmidt will lead the service. With Jamie Twidale, Lori McConnell, Pam Green

The Gift of Sabbatical: Transformation

– Reverend Lois E. Van Leer

A story of rest, renewal, reverence and transformation.

Easter: “Resurrected Joy”

– Reverend Lois E. Van Leer

These have been hard months politically, culturally, and spiritually. It is time for that which is life affirming and joyous within in each of us to be “resurrected.” Come celebrate joy through words and music.

Transformation: The Soul’s Yearning

– Reverend Lois E. Van Leer

A year ago, the Board refined the purpose of WUUC as a place where lives are transformed. This community is a place that allows persons to create lives of meaning and purpose. Transformation can be internal, external or some combination of both. I believe that our souls yearn for it.


— Rachel Eddy

Celebrate Spring!