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July 27: "Service and
Transformation: Social Justice
as the First Principle in Action”
– Rachel Lewis

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Our Mission
We are a diverse religious community, dedicated to lifelong growth and spiritual exploration. We welcome and support individuals and families of all types. As a liberal presence in the community, we challenge ourselves to act for peace and justice in the world.

RevLois9-12.jpgWelcome to WUUC. We’re glad you found us! We hope you find
us to be an open hearted, invitational community with a place for you wherever you are on your life and religious journeys. We are engaged in lifelong spiritual exploration and seek to put our faith into action. Ours is a faith tradition that calls us not only to articulate what is of ultimate value and worth but to embody it. We come for community, comfort, and challenge. We come to connect, to change and be changed. More    ...Reverend Lois E. Van Leer


Welcome to Unitarian Universalism! This video tells the story of our faith through powerful imagery and inspirational testimonials.

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Mon. Qigong
Tue.,Wed. - Buddhist Meditation
8/1 - Breakfast for Camp Unity

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