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Save the Date: Celebrate Woodinville Parade Aug. 17


Join members and friends of WUUC as we march through downtown Woodinville Saturday, Aug. 17, 11 a.m. to noon, celebrating our principles, our pride, our commitment to social justice, and our diversity. We want all potential local UU-minded folk to see that WUUC is their spiritual home. Let’s show the greater Woodinville community that We […]

The Best Travel Option


Our August “Notes for Earth” focuses on a common question when we consider traveling. Once again, a picture might be worth a thousand words.  This one is from the Sightline Institute. The comparisons are quite eye-opening, I found. There are some practical and philosophical issues about average emissions vs incremental emissions. Next time, we’ll take […]

The Search…

by Lori McConnell

The work of WUUC’s Search committee has now begun.   In May, the congregation selected seven members of the congregation – Jessica Belmont, Jack Brand, Lori McConnell, Leslie Morton, Emma Rockenbeck, Kermit Sprang, and Aggie Sweeney – to focus their volunteer efforts at WUUC on finding our new settled minister. When our past settled minister, Rev. […]

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The High Cost of Beef


This is the second edition of “Notes for Earth,” from  WUUC’s Climate Justice Ministry.  “Notes 4 Earth” briefly offers a specific change you could undertake that would make at least a small contribution to reducing global warming.   We are also looking for contributions to Notes 4 Earth, so if you have come across a good […]